By: Michelle & Olivia

This Saturday is our nation’s birthday and we want to have some fun! Canada has so much to offer and this is our opportunity to take full advantage of it. Lucky for you, we’ve developed a timeline of how you can spend you day in a very Canadian way.


8:00am: Hop in the car or take a walk to your closest Tim Horton’s. Did you hear that #RollUp150 is back on? Maybe you’ll win big this weekend, who knows. Regardless, enjoy your freshly brewed coffee, relax, or let it get you going for your morning gym sesh!

Suggestion: Keep it simple and order a black dark roast, any size.


10:00am: Get outside for a workout. Canada has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes that the world has to offer. We don’t think we’re alone in saying that a good change in scenery is a good way to stay motivated through any exercise. A hike, a bike ride, a run, or even a simple walk are great ways to explore the outdoors! The options are endless.

Suggestion: Head to Sugar Beach for a beach workout (and maybe take a few shots for your feed with the millennial pink umbrellas while you’re there).


2:00pm: Since you may have worked up a sweat by now, why not hit up your local farmer’s market. While you shop around for some local produce, you can grab yourself a little something to eat as well. It’s great to support your local farmers and the quality is definitely the best!

Suggestion: Go to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. It’s actually open on Canada Day and there will be activities inside the South Market until close.


5:00pm: Well, it’s that time of the day—you obviously deserve a cocktail. You’ve definitely got your pick and choose of notoriously Canadian drinks. You could really get the party started with a caesar or a rye and ginger, or something a little more low key like a great Canadian wine or craft beer (because craft beer is better).

Suggestion: Find a nice light Canadian rosé and blend it up for our favourite drink of summer, frosé.


8:00pm: You’ve had a long, fun filled day and it’s about time to wind down. Since Canada tends to be known for the naturally antibacterial ingredients, maple syrup and honey, maybe you’ll consider a little spa treatment. Both ingredients do wonders for your skin in terms of hydrating and clearing up any kind of breakouts. It will be a little sticky, so we recommend throwing your hair up, too.

Suggestion: Exfoliating Mask: 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp raw honey, ½ tsp coconut sugar; Hydrating Mask: 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp 100% maple syrup.


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