By: Michelle

If you’re reading this, congrats! You survived Canada Day and made it through the weekend! Hopefully it was filled with friends, family, and some good times in the sun.

Not that I’m presumptuous, but if you’re like Olivia and I, I can only assume that some snacks and alcoholic beverages may have ‘accidentally’ snuck their way into your diet. *oops* Let’s just say it was our ode to Canada.

So here we are—Monday. If you’re lucky, you’ve got this Monday off, otherwise, back to school or work you go. Regardless, Monday is a great day to re-group, and get it together! Don’t let that food or drink hangover get you down. We’re here to help you gear up, and get sh!t done! It’s not the easiest day, but these next few tips should help get you find some direction for your week and make it not so bad.

Plan your week; Scheduling might be tedious, but prioritizing your activities will definitely free up time for whatever you want later on in the week. Crack open that planner, make some to do lists for activities, workouts, and meals, and get organizing!

Set a goal; Make sure to be honest with yourself. A goal can range from trying to get to the gym three times a week, to simply composing yourself and making it to work in a nice outfit (with clean enough hair) each day. Whatever you choose, make it realistic.

Focus; Think, “I’m going to focus on me!” But actually, focus on yourself and your week! This might seem obvious, but it’s helpful. If you are able to focus on your upcoming week, goals, and wants, then you are more likely to act on and achieve these tasks! Sure, we all had fun on the weekend, but act like the girl bosses that we know we are.

Be positive;This one might only be possible after your morning coffee, understandably so. Smile, be happy, and try to think of something that can get you through the week. Yeah, you might have to visualize your upcoming Friday night cocktail or cheat meal, but if that’s what it takes, then a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Eat breakfast; – get some nutrients back into that body. Starting your day off with a well-rounded meal will help with energy and will hopefully motivate you to get back into #health.

Now if any of these are a struggle or you’re still down in the dumps, take a minute and think about it. Why are you in such a bad mood? Was it someone? Something? Whatever it is, try to identify the source, and then forget about it. Or, if it’s a problem that might actually need some work, then get to it! Make sure not to repress your issues. If you don’t act on it, nothing will change. So either say good-bye and good riddance to that issue, or start to combat it NOW.

And there we have it, some tips to get your Monday started off. Enough talking, let’s put these tips into action.

Good luck everyone!

If you’re out there and have a Monday morning ritual that sets up your week, we’d love to hear about it. Sometimes, we need as much help as we can get!

Talk soon,


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