By: Michelle

Mind: You’re not hungry, but you should probably have a snack.

Me: No, I just ate!

Mind: Come on, just one bite.

Me: No… well, okay. It’s just one bite.

That is often the conversation I have with myself when I get even the slightest craving.

Often times, cravings s-u-c-k. They make us feel all kinds of ways, and really test our mental capabilities to stay away from that… let’s say jar of peanut butter whispering sweet nothings to you from the fridge. And of course, craving pop-up at the most vulnerable times, times when we think we finally got back on track, or that time of the month when cravings hold no mercy.

Now, I’m coming to you from a place of honesty. I am definitely not guilty of committing the following crime—broke down and dove deep into my cravings. Like I said, the peanut butter got me. Sure, I don’t love the fact that I over-ate, but it’s certainly not the end of the world.

When you’re trying to stick to a steady diet, it’s hard to not let the guilt get to you, but we can at least try! We’re just human, mistakes happen. Another day, another opportunity to do better.

Here’s the bright side, it was peanut butter and not chips. Indulging in nutrient rich foods will not throw off your goals, especially if it’s only here and there. That being said, even if it was some of the junk food variety, there’s no reason to let your slip-up hold you hostage.

Keep reading to see how you can come to terms with your indulgences and how you can avoid those sneaky cravings.


It’s important to figure out why you let your craving take over. Stress? Happiness? Boredom? Reward? Identify the reason and think about it. Being aware of your body and knowing why certain times or activities are triggering your mind to have cravings will make it easier to ignore them!


Typically people notice a pattern when it comes to having cravings, especially for girls (if you know what I mean). If you notice yourself having reoccurring cravings during your time of the month or during your 3PM work slump, remind yourself each time that you’re stronger than your cravings.


1. Remove the snacks you crave; Like they say, out of sight, out of mind.

2. Keep busy; But not busy pacing outside your refrigerator.

3. Drink water; More often than not, you’re thirsty, not hungry.

4. Swap out calories dense snacks; Less calories + more volume = satisfied. ***Yes, I’m aware that kale chips are not Dorito’s, but just trust me, it will do the trick.***

5. Focus on your ‘why’; Be motivated by why your goals are important to you.

6. Stay social; your best #fitgirl babe will be happy to talk you through anything!

7. Space out your meals; having multiple small meals will keep you cravings to eat at bay.

I get you and we believe it balance here at Our Fitness MO, but with balance comes giving in (sometimes). While we want to stay on track and sometimes we really have to put up a fight, staying sane is important, too. Girl, go for it—just don’t over do it.

Last but not least, remember to be mindful of what you’re eating. In order for your craving to be curbed, you need to enjoy it. Inhaling a snack without taking a single breathe (potentially blacking out for the experience) is NOT the way. And, I’m talking from experience.

Hopefully this helps and we can work through our cravings together!

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