By: Michelle & Olivia

It’s true what they say—if you look good, you feel good. This is especially true when it comes to working out. The better your outfit, the better your workout… for us as least.

Yea, sometimes old tights and a baggy tee are good enough to get sh*t done. But, nothing beats the feeling of stocking up on fresh gym clothes and taking them for a test drive. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym, at least you look like you do!

In all seriousness though, empowering yourself from the outside does effect the inside. We’re not being vain, but we are all lying to ourselves when we say ‘looks don’t matter’. We all want to look good, period. However, don’t forget that ‘looking good’ has no standard, that’s up to you and you alone! The bottom line is, if you’re confident in your appearance when heading to a workout, the chances of your pushing yourself that much harder are MUCH greater. Here are our favorite go-to gym clothes for our BEST workout and gym MOtivation.



  1. Lululemon – All Tied Up Tank; $44
  2. Victoria’s Secret – Knockout Bra; $36.50
  3. Adidas – Performance High-Rise 7/8 Tights; $80
  4. Lululemon – Scuba Hoodie III; $118
  5. Lululemon – Fly Away Tamer Headband; $12
  6. Nike – Flex 2016 RN; $115



  1. Good Hyouman – Aguilera Muscle Tank; $36.00
  2. Nike – Rival Sports Bra; $55.99
  3. Lilybod – Holly Leggings; $95.50
  4. S’well – White Marble Insulated Stainless Steel; $35
  5. Lululemon – Speed Sock; $18
  6. Nike – LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2; $190


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