By: Michelle

There’s been a slight shift in location. I’ve had to call my hotel room ‘home’ for the week and some priorities have to change. I love routine but when you’re determined to stay focused and fit, adjustments need to be made.

A shift in mindset has to occur. When we’re at home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy because we’re comfortable, have our own groceries, and our regular gym. I admit, it’s hard to quickly adjust to new surroundings (especially when it’s not for vacation), but you just have to do it!

So, you may ask, “How do I stay on track in a tiny hotel room, in a different city?” Well, let me tell you!

First things first… PLAN AHEAD. Before you leave, think about everything you will need to get you through the week. Quite honestly, lists give me life when it comes to planning. Make a well thought out list and check things off as you pack. Aside from packing, you need to plan your day-to-day schedule around the purpose that brought your to your temporary home. So, whip out that stationary that was probably too expensive, but really cute, and get planning!

One key element of planning that I knew would help with stress, and my fitness goals was finding an accessible gym. Yes, hotel workouts would do, however, when you can find a new gym to try out, seize the moment! I find that putting effort into going to a location separate from my hotel make me work my hardest and leave it all on the floor. Most times when your comfy hotel bed is too close by, somehow you workout gets cut a little short. Added bonus for all us single ladies; new gym = new crowd. It was also important to remember to bring a week’s worth of gym clothing, and appropriate shoes. When on the road you learn to consolidate what you need, and pack S-M-A-R-T, but that doesn’t mean skipping the workout essentials. Even remember the little things you always have on hand, like hair elastics, socks, face cleansing wipes, and your pre-workout.

This is the best/worst part… food! You may go into panic mode thinking you’ll be forced to eat out for three meals a day, and completely go off track. But, that’s not the case. It all loops back to planning. First, check if your hotel room has a fridge of if you can get one. That way, you can get some groceries, meal prep, and bring along whatever essentials you need! I took my prepped meals, plenty of snacks, produce, and even my magic bullet on the road to make sure I keep that diet on point! When you’re on vacation, eating out is fun, but when it’s a regular work week, most of us rather not resort to food we didn’t prepare ourselves. If meal prepping isn’t really you thing or you don’t have a fridge, think of food that doesn’t need to be chilled. We love bananas, RX Bars, Larabar’s, rice cakes, and jars of peanut butter (duh). Snacks like these will provide you with the macro’s your body is craving and keep you satisfied. Meal replacement protein powders like Vega One All-in-One, are great options for times like this, too, even if it’s not really your thing.

Other items to ensure your survival while not at home include things like chargers (so you don’t go completely off the grid), vitamins, medicine in case of any reactions or headaches that sometimes come with new environments. Oh, and did I say beauty products? A girl needs ALL of the product to feel good, clean, look fresh, and stay sane. Can you go a whole day without chapstick? I think not.

Let’s face it, you’re bound to forget something. But, it’s not the end of the world, there is probably a drug store around the corner to offer a helping hand. If you’re feeling ballsy, take your lack of item as a challenge to see how you can live without it for just one week.

Last by not least, enjoy your time away, regardless of your schedule. Sometimes it’s nice to break out of your comfort zone!

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