By: Olivia

If you’re anything like me, your passion for fitness and your passion for fashion is pretty much 50/50. As much as I love my Nike sneakers, Adidas sweat, and Spiritual Gangster tees, I’ll never turn down a pair of Alexander Wang shoes.


Thankfully, street wear finally fashionable. Yes, we can now merge our two favourite worlds into one. Recently, a yoga brand took it one step further by creating a parody brand to fill your high fashion void while at the gym.

A yoga enthusiast from San Francisco took on the challenge to create a line that could be mistaken for a high fashion line at a quick glance. Balencyoga is the name and we think that’s pretty damn clever. The line is an ode to Balenciaga, of course, and features basic workout gear like leggings and tank tops, with a super minimal look. And, in case you were curious, the clothes won’t cost you half as much as the real deal.

Thanks to Balencyoga, you can now deadlift or down dog in ‘designer’. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely the moment I’ve been waiting for!


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