By: Michelle & Olivia

With every year that passes, there seems to a new superfood on the scene. It becomes our obsession. We try to incorporate the ‘it’ food of the year into almost everything. And, if we’re not simply eating it, we’re incorporating it into our beauty routine somehow. We go through superfood trends like we go through jars of nut butter (so, A LOT). However, there is one food that keeps coming back and is found to have new carb-cutting uses.

Can you guess what we’re talking about yet? Well, it’s cauliflower of course. First it was cauliflower pizza crust, then a substitute for the mac to the cheese, then turned into rice and now… put into smoothies.

At first thought that sounds bizarre. Gross, even. However, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. We love smoothies, but as you have probably read on countless blogs, they can contain more carbs and sugar (although natural) than you probably want first thing in the morning. So, what are we swapping out for cauliflower in our well-balanced smoothie, you ask? Bananas. *tear*

Trust us, bananas are a hard thing to say no to. Especially when they’re frozen, like, HELLO… did somebody say, ‘nice cream’?! Bananas are creamy and delicious and we love them, so don’t get it twisted. In no way, shape or form are we saying that bananas are bad for you. The problem with bananas is that they are one of the fruits higher in carbs and sugars.


Bananas in a smoothie are honestly just fine, but if you are trying to de-bloat, shed some pounds, or are following a lower carb diet, this swap is for you. Cauliflower in your smoothie doesn’t at all alter the taste and gives you a nice cold and thick texture. Aside from that, you get the same nutrient benefits of bananas and are cutting your calories, carbs and sugar down, like WAY down.

Let’s look at the facts…

BANANA (100g)
Calories; 89
Potassium; 358mg
Carbohydrates; 23g
Sugar; 12g
Protein; 1g
Fat; 0g

Calories; 25
Potassium; 299mg
Carbohydrates; 5 g
Sugar; 2 g
Protein; 2 g
Fat; 0 g

Potassium is the main vitamin that comes out of bananas and you get nearly the same amount in cauliflower, plus the added bonus of a little more protein. With this swap, you can cut your carbs and down those smoothies, too. It’s pretty much a dream come true.

Now, do you think cauliflower will ever be the new avocado? We know it’s a tough act to beat, however, a cauliflower café isn’t looking like such a bad idea.

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