By: Michelle

So you might be wondering, “Why peaches?” Well, we’re here to tell you!

Not only are they in peak growing season, these beauties deliver in taste and nutrient value. When peach season arrives, our month-long obsession begins. We love them in almost any format. Be in raw, blended, baked, or even canned… in water not syrup. Not only are they absolutely delish, they have a ton of unique health benefits.

All month long for this #PeachSeason, we’ll be throwing different peach-infused ideas your way. But today, we thought we’d tackle the basics. After all, we are, first and foremost, health obsessed.

Here are the amazing nutritious benefits of consuming peaches:

· Vitamins: A, C, E, K, B1-3, B6

· Minerals: Folate, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Iron. Of course, like most fruit, they also are a great source for dietary fibre!

o Potassium: This is one mineral we had to focus on. Peaches provide great levels of potassium that assist the body with metabolic activities, such as the use of carbs, muscular tissue regulation, and electrolyte balance.

· Skin: The high vitamin and antioxidant content helps our skin speed up the recovery of blemishes, cycle of dead skin removal, and rehydration processes. They can even help reduce wrinkles… yes please! #ForeverYoung

· Eyes: Beta-carotene in combination with Vitamin A helps with our eyesight, and the prevention of further eye diseases.

· Digestion: As mentioned above, the dietary fibre and laxative nature helps absorb water, detoxify, and get things moving along to prevent the build up of… well, you know what.

· Stress and Anxiety: This fruit helps these levels decrease because of its magnesium content.

· Bones and Teeth: The calcium aids in strengthening your bones and teeth.

Dare we say peaches are a super fruit? If this doesn’t convince you to live every day of August like it’s ‘just peachy’, we don’t know what will!

Eat a peach, do a squat, and keep up with us all month long!

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