By: Olivia

We’ve all felt the buzz around activated charcoal. Obviously, we’ve jumped on the band wagon and incorporated it into our lives in almost every way.

We’ve tried charcoal face masks, charcoal as a teeth whitener, charcoal in a detox lemonade, charcoal to save us from hangovers, and now we’re trying charcoal in ice cream.

That’s right… ICE CREAM!

Toronto has it’s first charcoal ice cream shop called iHalo Krunch. Not only do you look like a bad ass while eating black ice cream, it tastes great, too. And, we can ALMOST convince ourselves that it’s like eating nothing at all, because charcoal is very absorbent. Basically, we’re pretending it’s healthy.


This IS the recommendation for this weeks #SplurgeSaturday! You can choose from Asian inspired flavors of matcha, ube, vanilla, and coconut, and even twist them together. Once again, our treat of the week is ready to hit the gram… if you can resist having that first bite.

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