By: Michelle & Olivia

Do you ever need a break from music but still need noise? Well, that’s where Podcasts come in.

Whether we’re commuting, cleaning the house, or even doing some low intensity cardio, podcasts are a fresh way to keep your ears occupied. Here is a list of our favorite podcasts…


The Jillian Michaels Show – All hail our fitness queen, Jillian Michaels. We love everything she does, and her podcast is no exception. She touches on just about everything you can think of. From fitness to lifestyle, relationships and self love, Jill has got you covered. Her team also adds some great dynamics to the show, and we can’t help but howl at the dialogue between Jill and “Manice” (listen and you’ll get it). If you’re looking for something educational, raw, motivating, and funny content this is one for you!

Bucci Radio – If you’re fitness obsessed like us, we’re sure you’re all familiar with Amanda’s Bucci, the ever so popular YouTuber and content producer. Her podcast are short and sweet but packed full of information about fitness, entrepreneurship, motivation, and success. She aims to ignite her listeners fire, and boy does she ever make us want to be the best version of ourselves!

The Paleo Women Podcast – This is the most education dense podcast. We stumbled upon this one after trying to figure out what the heck was going on with our bodies when trying out a Paleo diet. These two powerhouse women come from highly commendable educational backgrounds, and are very relatable. They educate in terms we understand, and keep us entertained the entire podcast!

The Balanced Blonde Podcast – Okay, so not only is Jordan Younger cute AF, her podcast, like her soul, is on fire. If you’re more into the holistic side of wellness, this podcast if for your. She talks spirit and diet with plenty of industry experts, while being an expert herself.


Straight Talk With Ross – Okay, now this is by far the funniest and cookiest of our list. This is the kind of podcast where you’ve got your headphones in and continuously burst out laughing or have that creepy smile/laugh thing going on. Ross and his friends are hilarious! They cover just about everything and anything. We would love to give specific examples, but literally if you pick any topic, it’s been discussed. We’ve been ‘Straight Talker’s’ since day one, and to this day, we keep up with every episode!

The Bitch Bible – She is SO real. She’s out there, blunt, and will say whatever sh*t that needs to be said, all while adding a funny yet relatable twist to it. This one is light, like super light, but perfect for a good laugh. If you’ve had a stressful day and are in just need of a good b*tching session and a mental release, give this a listen.

Lady Lovin’ – As a long time Hills fanatic, when we heard Lo Bosworth had a podcast with gal pals Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titleman, we HAD to listen. The girls touch of topics from food to fashion, to fitness, and always sex. It’s the perfect podcast for girls who want to be in the know. It’s especially good on touching on *those* topics that us girls are sometimes too ashamed to discuss. You’ll definitely find yourself laughing, so you may not want to be in a public space to avoid being starred at.


Serial  – Probably a cult favorite—serial is a factual, play by play of some pretty crazy events that have taken place in real life. Tons of research, interviews, and collaboration between different parties goes into this podcast, and we are so thankful for the series! It takes you into the story and keeps you hooked. Warning, this one is definitely worthy of binge listening to, but we don’t recommend starting your day with it. It may be a little too deep before a long days work.

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