By: Michelle & Olivia

This is a post we never thought we would be making. Last weekend, we went to a music festival and lived to tell the tale.

If you knew us well, you’d know that we aren’t exactly the raving, music festival type, but we love ourselves a good beat. There are the music festivals we dream of going to like Coachella and Gov Ball, that are more about the lifestyle and experience. Then, there are the music festivals like Veld and Digital dreams that lean more towards EDM and rave culture. Since our bank accounts haven’t allowed us to buy tickets to Coachella just yet, we decided to take and local and get tickets to Veld. Going into it, we knew we would hear some good music, but definitely see some weird things, and weren’t quite sure if we would fit in.

It wasn’t the celebrity ridden, fashionable weekend of Coachella, but it was still pretty cool.


So, did we mention we don’t rave? If you’re like us, here is how to survive a rave, have a blast, and not fall into the pressures of rave culture.


As a precautionary measure, we purchased VIP tickets. Now, we would consider this a pro-tip if you don’t consider yourself a ‘raver’. We knew going into it that being stuck in the middle of a massive (and we really mean massive) mosh pit wasn’t really our thing. Just looking at it kind of gave us anxiety. However, #respect for those who can handle it! The VIP area, was a separate back area at the main stage, in which we could stand on a platform with WAY less people and jump around all night long without getting bowled over by multiple sweaty bodies.


We really only went for our favourite artists, however, we did discover some new DJ’s. We like the mainstream artists best, but kept our minds open to all the rest of the performing artists at the event. The sets by Major Lazer, Tiesto, and Zedd were our favourites. They hit us with some amazing songs and beats we couldn’t help but dance and jump along with. The new artist we plan on adding to our playlists is W&W. They had some great songs that would keep us hyped through a long run. As rap lovers, we did enjoy the performances by Future, Migos, and French Montana, but with that particular crowd, the vibe wasn’t exactly right. What made our time more enjoyable is that we didn’t dedicate ourselves to the whole day. Each day we went about mid-way through the day to catch who we wanted to see. This way we weren’t worn out and could thoroughly enjoy ourselves, even sober. To most, sober and music festivals may not go hand-in-hand, but we made it work. Don’t feel pressure to have a substance induced good time!


Okay, now this was the most interesting part of our whole experience. We did not follow any of the ‘raver’ fashion, and stuck true to our own style. We dressed to a standard in which we would consider normal, and it felt overdressed (coverage wise). There was a sea of neon colours, flowers, tie-dye, glitter, and tutus. Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t hating on the rave culture, we just had no idea what to expect. To say they take their outfits seriously, is an understatement. Luckily, no one is judging at a music festival and that’s the nice part. But, to avoid being caught off guard, expect to see a lot of bum cheeks, very minimal clothing, and light up shoes. Downsview Park was the area of no shame and we loved to see it!


We found out that a music festival is like a long cardio session. If you don’t particularly like jumping and keeping your arms in the air for lengthy amounts of time, this might not be the place for you. Being on the VIP platform, we had an awesome view of the crazy amount of people in front of the main stage. Everytime the beat would drop, the crowd shook the ground. It was incredible to see, but we were happy we weren’t in it. We jumped and danced on our platform and it was great. Even if you don’t know the sound, the atmosphere and the beat just gets you. You can’t help it! Also, can someone teach us how to shuffle? We don’t get it, but it looks pretty damn cool.

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