By: Michelle & Olivia

Let’s face it, our fitness journey isn’t always fun. Sure, we all love the results and the #insta pics that come from it, but it gets tough! And when the tough gets going…sometimes we lose motivation. We’re going to try to prepare you for some basic bumps in the road that often try to steer your off track.

First things first, your journey will not be easy! Worth it? Yes. Easy? No. Hell no! The widths of your mental and physical capacity and will power will be pushed to their limits. You might also just feel like you’re a couple minutes away from a mental break down, but you’re not alone! We all struggle through this journey, and some days will be better than others. Accept the struggle, missed workouts, and accidental cheat meals and move on. As long as you stay consistent as possible, and try to keep a hold of the motivation to push through the tough times, we promise, it will be worth it!

This next part builds on the term fitness journey. And when we say journey, we’re implying that your goals will span over a long period of time. We’ve all crash dieted and rebounded back to where we started. But that is what we’re trying to avoid. This time, it’s important to accept that changes won’t happen overnight, and consistency is key. Don’t let the slow progress discourage you, let it motivate you! One more important tip is that once you do reach your goal, you need to continue this journey to keep these results long-term. Let’s not waste our progress ever again.

We also think it’s important to remember that a low number on the scale does not necessarily mean you will be happier. Trust us, we have a love/hate relationship with the scale. It’s had to get a true and accurate depiction of your weight on these things. And let’s be real, almost every scale you step on tells you a different weight! (If you’re anything like us, you’ll always head for the one scale in the gym that consistently gives you the more favourable number) We digress. But “skinny” or a “low weight” does not equal happiness! By achieving these goals, you could be harming your body by over working, under eating, and mentally/physically putting yourself under too much stress! Try to avoid getting caught up in the number game, focus on your physical image and body’s functionality! These should be the true measurements that you base your success and progress on.

Now this might be tough, but try to accept that fact that everyone progresses at different stages! What works for your best friend, might not work for you. Some people are easy weight gainers, and others aren’t. Just like some are easy muscle builders, while for others, it could take months if not years to make the same progression. Don’t base your success in relation to someone else’s. Your goals should be individualized, and evaluated only based on your own progress. This is YOUR journey, not theirs. It’s your time to shine, and put yourself to the test, girl!

Lastly, don’t let media ruin your self-esteem and control your life or goals. We know you’ve probably heard it a million times before, but you can’t believe everything you see via social media (except for us, we’ve got yo back!) Photoshop, enhancement, over embellishment and many other tactics are used to make us envy our favourite social media influencers! But again, your goals should not be their goals. And hey, who even knows the truth behind what they’re saying or posting, we certainly don’t!

Well there we have it, these were some of the basic “issues” we face in our fitness journeys. Hopefully we’ve given you a little bit of a back bone to gain the confidence to overcome such set-backs!


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