By: Michelle

Today we have come to educate you on the benefits of sleep! Yes, you caught us. We’re already thinking about heading back to bed to catch up on some zzz’s, but can you blame us? There’s not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on our to do lists!

Don’t feel bad about feeling exhausted, it happens to all of us. It’s sad to say, but it’s almost the norm – being too tired to function. Getting enough shut-eye isn’t easy, but the payoff is plentiful. Sleep will help you feel better overall, while benefiting your body, mind, and mental health. Plus, it will help make sure you’re getting up on the right side of the bed…and aren’t .5 seconds away form falling asleep at your desk or being close to a mental break down (because we’ve all been there! Grouchy girls aren’t pretty girls)

Let’s start off with the basics, an adequate amount of sleep will provide you with the energy to make it through your day. Think of it this way, if there’s no gas in the car; you’re not going to make it far, right? And that goes the same for sleep! If you’re not recharging and allowing your body to rest, you will struggle to find energy to survive the next day. Food also goes hand in hand with this, because it too helps fuel your body to function efficiently. We recommend trying to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, whilst eating a predominantly clean diet!

Next, your memory and performance will greatly increase if your body has enough energy and mental clarity. We all know the feeling of “being in the zone” when were learning or participating in an activity. We can’t enter this “zone”, unless we have a clear and energized mind and body! And how to we get this, you guessed it, sleep! We want to make sure we’re able to dedicate our full efforts towards everyone, and everything we’re doing on a daily basis. We hope to put more than our best foot forwards, we want to be racing towards the finish line, and ensure that we come out on top! Don’t forget, when we’re performing better, we’re typically also in a better mood. It’s a win-win situation!

Inflammation. The dreaded word every girl knows too well. Did you know that this pesky problem could be caused inadequate sleep? Not only will it cause inflammatory issues, it can mess with your immune system and place unnecessary stress on the body! All of the problems can pile up, and throw you out of whack!

Getting enough sleep can also help with fat loss! Not allowing your body to rest an adequate amount of time can cause your hormones, and metabolism to fluctuate. If you’re over the age of 16, you know that either of these negative effects can throw you for a complete loop. And even worse, they’re hard to reverse! Getting enough sleep allows the body to rejuvenate, restore, and restart its internal processes. We need this time to repair. Your body is worth it. YOU are worth it. And to think all of this can be solved simply by allotting more time for sleep, so go ahead, treat yo self!

So there we have it. We hope that tomorrow morning you hit that snooze button, and get a least forty more winks. Curl back up in bed, and give your body what it needs!

And hey, maybe those dark under eye circles will go down too? Who knows! #wishfulthinking

Sweet dreams, loves!

Michelle & Olivia


  1. I always preach the importance of sleep to all of my friends so I really dig this! Every bad morning yoga class I have ever had has been a result of not enough sleep, so amen to getting as many zzz’s as possible~Great post!


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