By: Michelle

Come on, you can’t blame us for starting with some throwback lyrics from one of the best songs of our pre-teen years.

Happy #BananaLoversDay y’all!

Bananas are one of our top two favourite fruits (in competition with apples), so we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to shine the spotlight on them today. We love Bananas because they’re sweet, delicious, and satisfying. You can eat plain, frozen, bake with them, or even blend them up into nice-cream. Being so versatile, how could you not love them? They’re like nature’s candy, right!

Sure, sure, we could go on forever about why we love eating bananas and how great they taste, but it’s important to remember WHY we eat bananas too! So, we’re going to highlight the three best basic benefits.

  1. Nutrients. Like they say, eat the rainbow! This beautiful yellow fruit is quite nutrient dense, and particularly packed with potassium. It’s important to remember to incorporate different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals into your diet. Bananas particularly help with sugar regulation, digestion, kidney function, bone density, and heart health as well.
  2. Energy. These are one of our favourite quick snacks, and are great before a workout too! They provide a great balance of carbs and natural sugar to get that energy level up. Plus, their skin gives them their own travel case to take them whenever you go.
  3. Mood. The compositional makeup of bananas helps the body release serotonin, which helps improve your mood and reduce stress! And hey, when we’re eating something we love, we also get an extra little boost in mood too.

Yes, this basic, but these few reasons alone keep us reaching for a banana over a refined-sugar snack. Oh and one extra tip, they’re the ultimate hangover cure. We swear by this! We’ve found many articles that say to eat a banana when you come home from your night out, or the morning after. We’ve done it both ways, and find that either works. The combination of all of the above always assists in that pesky hangover.

There you have it, a quick banana appreciation post on this lovely day!

We’ve gotta make like a banana, and split! We’ve got a busy day ahead of us.

Hehehe…good joke, right?

We’ll stop while we’re ahead.


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