It’s the first of September and as you may or may not know (and you should probably know) PSL season at Starbucks in looming.

Yes, pumpkin spice is about to take over our lives once again. But, we’re not complaining. While we love that spice and everything nice, we equally love coffee, and we equally love Starbucks in general.

The cult coffee shop always pulls at our heart strings with new lattes, fancy flavors, and cups on cups of caffeinated goodness. However, this isn’t always good news for our diets.

We all know a black coffee is the way to go when it comes to a diet, but from time-to-time we need to treat ourselves. And, lucky for us, Starbucks is custom order friendly. This is every fit girl’s opportunity to have their latte and drink it, too.

Here are our guidelines for ordering any fancy beverage…

  1. Always ask for half sweet and/or sugar free syrup if available. Trust us, the drink will be just as sweet. It may even last better because it isn’t so sweet. You definitely don’t want to be drinking all of that sugar, and while sweeteners aren’t great for you, they are better than nothing!
  2. Opt for almond milk. Real dairy works too but sometimes dairy gets a little iffy. Almond milk at Starbucks is the best non-dairy option because it contains the least amount a sugar and less fat. Plus, almond milk in coffee just tastes damn good.
  3. Always say no to whipped cream. We know it’s tempting. Your PSL or Peppermint Mocha always looks better with whip for that 1st of the year Instagram shot, but it’s not worth it. Trust.
  4. Avoid caramel and chocolate sauces. Some drinks have toppings of caramel, like a macchiato or chocolate sauce in a mocha. This is just added sugar that you don’t want. We’re sure you can find something else on the menu that tickle’s your fancy.
  5. Never order a venti, unless it’s black. Bottom line is, you don’t need that much drink. The calories between a tall and a venti are literally INSANE. But again, a high quantity of plain black coffee is A-okay in our books.

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