By: Michelle & Olivia

Since we’re officially dedicating ourselves to getting more fit, we sought out different workouts to ensure that we never get bored and fall off track. We don’t think we’re alone in saying that we sometimes feel a little nauseous just looking at the treadmill.


Amanda Kloots’ rope workouts were on the top of our list of things to try. Amanda Kloots’ is a dancer, former Radio City Rockette, and now a trainer specializing in The Rope and The Dance. And, as former dancers ourselves (although not Broadway status), Amanda’s methods immediately peaked our interest.

We always find ourselves saying, “I wish I had my ‘dance body’ back.” You kind of have to be a dancer to know that dancing is one of the best ways to workout without feeling like you’re working out. The endurance and strength that dance requires, builds lean muscle, keeps you slim, and leaves you feeling great!

While we were dying to try her ‘Dance Cardio’ video (and we still will), the rope cardio and toning was very intriguing. We’ve been trying to incorporate jump rope into our routines more frequently, and slowly but surely, we’re getting better at it. These workouts seemed like a very fun and effective new way to trim down and tone up. It reminded us of something we would do during a conditioning class at our old studio.

So, what are the ‘Rope Toning’ and ‘Rope Cardio’ workouts really like!?

Well, we’ll tell you.

We started with the ‘Rope Cardio’ and ended with the ‘Rope Toning’. We’re not sure if you would consider this to be overdoing it, but we were too excited to not try both.

We got our hearts pumping, muscles warm, and definitely broke a sweat.

The videos gave us serious Super Woman vibes, which we loved. And, Amanda’s radiant smile and positive energy are contagious (even through our computer screens). She made us feel good about moving into the workout and we were ready!


The cardio video is only 20-minutes long. And, while that may sound like a piece of cake, it’s most definitely not. If you’ve ever jumped rope before, you know that it’s a lot harder than it looks. This type of cardio is different from running or cycling. It’s something that you body is not necessarily used to, so it really puts your endurance to the test!

The great thing about both of these workouts is that they are all you. Amanda may be showing you the moves, but it’s up to you to put your all into it. You are going to get what you give out of the workouts.

Trust us, after the ‘Rope Cardio’ workout, you will be SWEATING. Seriously, don’t forget to pack a towel.


Now, we decided to burn it out after with ‘Rope Toning’. Of course it’s not going to be as intense as weight lifting, but it’s definitely just as effective. It’s designed to build lean muscle and that’s exactly what it’s going to do.

As dancers, you are training with weights in your hands. You use resistance and the rest of your body to build muscle. So, especially after doing cardio, you are going to feel this.


Both of these workouts are great to work into your regular fitness routine. It changes is up and gets your body working in a way that it’s not typically used to. If you look forward to that gratifying soreness after a good workout, then Amanda Kloots’ videos will not disappoint!

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