The girl behind Kale & Krunches is personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic health coach, Marlie Cohen. Whether you’ve caught her on Instagram, or endured one of her classes at Spinco, you know Marlie delivers a healthy dose of #fitspo.

We’ve asked Marlie 21-questions to find out what fuels her #fitnessMO. Yes, the inside scoop from your favorite spinner in the six. Keep reading for the interview!

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FMO: Why do you workout?
Marlie: To feel stronger, healthier and overall happier

FMO: What first got you interested in the health and fitness world?
Marlie: [It was] when I first started working in the corporate world, at a 9 to 5 job, sitting at my desk all day. I felt weak, tired and sluggish. I also started to gain some weight, so I began to research online how to get back in shape. I fell in love with so many different health and fitness blogs and websites which initially peaked my passion.

FMO: What does your go-to workout look like?
Marlie: I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, so it changes every day. I teach 4 spin classes a week, which is a crazy workout on it’s own. On top of that I love yoga, strength training and circuit workouts.

FMO: What is your favorite fitness class to take?
Marlie: I’m bias, but definitely spinning.

FMO: How many times a week do you work out?
Marlie: I workout 6 days a week, 1-2 times a day. It’s a little excessive but comes with the job.

FMO: What are 5 songs on your workout playlist?
Marlie: Right now, the new Taylor Swift (I love to spin to it), anything by Rihanna—she’s my fave, Slow Hands by Niall Horan, All Night by Chance the Rapper and Show Me Love by Robyn.

FMO: What are your favorite shoes to workout in?
Marlie: Adidas Ultraboost X

FMO: What is your ideal workout outfit?
Marlie: A good pair of high-waisted tights and a sports bra.

FMO: What is one health and fitness product/tool that you can’t live without?
Marlie: Water.

FMO: Do you follow a specific diet? If so, what do you follow?
Marlie: I try and limit dairy as much as possible but often times I’ll indulge in dairy-filled desserts like cake and ice cream.

FMO: What is one move that everyone should incorporate into their workouts?
Marlie: Squats—[it’s a] great compound movement that works so many big and small muscles. It’s the foundation for a lot of complex training and helps build the booty!

FMO: Do you prefer to workout indoors or outdoors?
Marlie: I prefer indoors.

FMO: What is your perfect pre-workout meal? What is your perfect post-workout meal?
Marlie: [The] perfect pre-meal is a banana, [and for a] post-meal, I love protein shakes.

FMO: How do you stay fit while traveling/on vacation?
Marlie: I try and find workout classes in different cities I’m going to—I’m a huge group class junky.

FMO: What is the craziest health/fitness thing you have ever tried?
Marlie: Going to a float spa (those egg-shaped chambers filled with thousands of gallons of Epsom salts that are supposed to relax your mind and muscles). My muscles felt great but lying in that dark cage was not relaxing for me.

FMO: Is there any current trend in health/fitness that you are dying to try?
Marlie: I am dying to try cupping!

FMO: If you could pick anybody to workout with, who would it be?
Marlie: Hannah Bronfman. She is my ultimate #fitspo.

FMO: What is your favorite to chill out?
Marlie: Sleeping in and hanging out on the couch with my husband.

FMO: What is your Starbucks order?
Marlie: Tall, almond milk, americano misto.

FMO: What do you think will be the biggest health or fitness trend for 2018?
Marlie: Collagen is already becoming super popular but I think that is going to continue and will be emphasized in more mainstream products like protein powders, and energy bars.

FMO: What advice can you give to someone who is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle?
Marlie: Less talking, more doing. For so long I talked about how I wanted to be fit, and read all my favourite blogs and magazines. But you need to get your butt to the gym, make that salad, drink that water. You have to put the work in.


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