By: Michelle & Olivia
Photos: Into The Gloss

We are self proclaimed Glossier super fans. Not a New York trip goes by without a trip to the show room. And, it’s not just to shop—we literally like to hang out in the show room. (Unfortunately we have never been there and had a run in with THE Emily Weiss)

We love the products, like literally all of the products. Of course we have favorites, but we would gladly use all of them everyday. And, while they are all good for everyday, we have discovered where the products really shine. Where you ask? Well, after the gym of course.

You may or may not know that your skin care post sweat sesh is VERY importantly. So, one day we were thinking, “What is a cosmetics line that is good for your skin and easy to apply?” Duh. GLOSSIER.

Everything can be applied with the applicator it comes in or with your fingertips. Applying makeup doesn’t get much easier than that. On top of the convenience, the makeup leaves you looking natural and fresh faced. While you leave the gym people will say, “Wow! You look good.”


Here is what you will need to go from sweaty to chic… and probably dry shampoo, a hair elastic and perfume on top of it all.

**And, in case you didn’t know… there is currently a Glossier Toronto Pop-Up and the ship to Canada. OH HAPPY DAY!**

1. Soothing Face Mist – $18
To cool down and stop the sweat.


2. Milky Jelly Cleanser – $18
To wash the dirt away.


3. Priming Moisturizer – $22
To prep your skin and ease redness.


4. Perfecting Skin Tint – $26
To even out the skin tone.


5. Stretch Concealer – $18
To look alive and cover up uninvited guests on your face.


6. Cloud Paint – $18
To give you cute cheeks.


7. Haloscope – $22
To get glowed up.


9. Boy Brow – $16
To get brows on fleek. (everything is better with brows)


9. Balm Dotcom – $12
To perfect the pout.


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