Matcha is something you have probably already heard of. It’s been popular for years and is still going strong. Not only does it taste great and have the perfect green hue for a great Instagram post, but it has amazing health benefits, too.

If you didn’t know, match is in powder form. It’s great when simply mixed with hot water but it’s also great in smoothies. These days, matcha can be incorporated into just about anything.

But, besides the taste, why use it? Well, keep reading for the list of benefits that matcha provides.

1. Antioxidants

Matcha has more antioxidants than any other super foods—more than triple the amount of goji berries, blueberries, and pomegranate seeds.

2. Metabolism Boost

Matcha can increase thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories). It also doesn’t put any stress on the body like other fat-burning stimulants.

3. Detoxing

The chlorophyll in matcha helps rid the body of chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Chlorophyll gives matcha it’s signature green color and because it is shade grown, it is richer in chlorophyll than other green teas.

4. Calming Sensation

Traditionally, match was used in Japan as an aid to meditation. It keeps you alert, yet calm. Matcha is rich in L-Theanine, which promotes a state of relaxation and well-being by acting upon brain functions.

5. Fiber, Chlorophyll & Vitamins

Unlike regular loose leaf green tea, matcha is stone ground tea leaves, so you are consuming 100% of the benefits. Steeping tea can only deliver a 3rd of the benefits.

6. Aids in Concentration

Promotes clarity of mind and concentration through L-Theanine. It may also help memory and learning ability. It doesn’t give you nervous energy like coffee.

7. Vitamin C, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc & Magnesium

8. Prevents Disease

Matcha contains a unique class of antioxidant known as catechin’s, which aren’t found in other foods. Catechin provides potent cancer-fighting properties. It also counteracts the effects of free radicals like pollution, UV rays, radiation, and chemicals.

9. Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

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