By: Michelle

After a crazy summer with not many hours of sleep, and maybe one too many cheat drinks and meals, our bodies feel a bit out of whack!

Feeling tired, cold, having difficulties losing weight, gut and digestion issues, and questioning if something was up with our metabolism or thyroid are on our list of wonders.

We don’t love the idea of ingesting too much of the stuff that is highly processed or medicinal, so we’re taking the natural route. We are in no way against medicine, and appreciate all it can do; we just want to take a more natural and holistic approach to our health first. We’re looking to try to cure our problems the way our ancestors may have, and see if it works. This aligns with our September goals to eat a more wholesome and natural diet. Also, we truly think that the world of naturopathic medicine has improved drastically over the years, and has made a significant impact on so many people’s lives, so we want to give it a try.

Before we jump right in, we decided to see what a naturopath could do for us. We’ve got an appointment booked, so we’re curious to research what we should expect. After some research, this is how we think it all might go down.


Just like a regular medical doctor, a naturopath is looking for the root cause of your issue. They will ask many questions to try to identify where the issue may be originating from, and why.


The main reason we’re choosing to dabble with a naturopath is because of their approach. They aim to treat you, as a whole individual, and investigate all body systems and the possible effects they play alone, and together. This view is holistic, rather than just seeking and identifying one manifesting issue. To us, this is very important. We were looking for treatment options that consider the effects our issues are presenting on our bodies, minds, and overall self, and how they may be interrelated. By doing this we hope to not have one problem after another, we want our whole self to be healthy!


This will be natural. Supplements, herbal medicines, physical treatment, nutritional support, and homeopathy. These natural methods of curing our bodies issues particularly spark our attention. Like we mentioned, the more wholesome of treatment we can test on our bodies, the better.

Overall, were just looking for help! More than anything, we want to sit down with a professional who will help analyze our bodies and issues. We hope to find an all-encompassing treatment that is more natural and sustainable. And honestly, we want to identify an issue, if there is even one at all! What we’re feeling may be adjusted with something as simple as diet. Who knows!

We’re just beginning our naturopath journey, and will keep you updated throughout our journey.

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