Sometime we find ourselves in a bit of a food slump. It’s not that we’re sick of what we’re eating, but we’re running out of creative meals and different recipes. Sometimes we’re even just craving new things. And, on some days, we really just want to get in the kitchen and cook our (sore from leg day) booty’s off!

While we always head to Pinterest for recipe inspiration, which is always a good option, we often forget about the amazingly beautiful cookbooks that we have on our shelves. Today we’re taking the day to sift through our books and get inspired.

Our favorite books are healthy and range from vegan to balance and paleo-based recipes. These cookbooks can fit into anyone lifestyle with simple adjustments.

Keep reading to see our top six favorites!

The First Mess Cookbook by Laura Wright (Top Left)

Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon (Top Middle)

3 Times A Day by Marilou (Top Right)

Porridge by Anni Kravi (Bottom Left)

The Art of Eating Well by Hemsley + Hemsley (Bottom Middle)

The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates (Bottom Right)

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