By: Michelle & Olivia

If you’re anything like us, your gym bag is probably 20lbs heavy. It basically constitutes as its own workout just lugging it around. But, a gym bag, like our purses, has to have just about everything in it, in case of emergencies. You know?

Instead of boring you with the likes of protein bar wrappers and numerous hair ties that we can never seem find when we need them, we thought we’d each highlight our top five will-not-be-able-to-function-without items that we need.



This one is truly a make it or break it item for me. I NEED good music to get through a workout. The music they play overhead in the gym just won’t cut it.


This is a staple in every single bag I own. Not having chapstick leaves your lips feeling dry and you feeling annoyed. Dry lips can honestly turn a good day bad. Chapped lips can be a two day battle before getting back to normal, so preventative measures are in order.


These are a must because you always want to allow your skin to breath during your workout. It’s also super important to make sure you wipe down your skin after to prevent any pesky breakouts.


Typically, I keep a few little containers of single servings of pre-workout portions in my bag. When I’m on the go and don’t have time to prepare before the gym, pre-work can slip my mind. I don’t always need it, but sometime I just can’t without it.


Jumping rope is a tried and true aerobic activity. It’s perfect to get that heart rate going as a warm up, in between sets, or to do an entire workout. You really can’t go wrong with having one of these in your bag.



Who ever says that headphones aren’t on the top of their list of gym essentials is probably lying. Music tunes out the distractions and get me working harder. Does anyone else start squatting to the beat of a really good song? Guilty. But make sure those babies are charged. Nothing is worse than hearing, “battery low,” in you ear mid-cardio session. Cue the panic.


Often I can forget to wash my hands after the gym, which if you think about it, is pretty disgusting. I’m pretty sure 95% of people don’t wipe off the machines that they just sweat all over or generally just germed up. I swear sometimes my hands just feel dirty post-gym. Avoiding getting sick is a must, especially in the winter months.


You can use resistance bands for more than just your legs. You can walk on the treadmill with them, tackle the stairs with them, use them for core and arms, and honestly, just add a little effort to almost anything you do. They guarantee sweat is what I’m saying.


I don’t really like to drink water while I’m working out, whether it be cardio or weight training. That may be bad, but I just feel like it either makes me feel sick or I get cramps. However, I love to make sure I get down a BIG bottle of water after my workout. I try to drink down at least 16oz of water by the time I return home. And, I usually work out in the morning, so it definitely starts the day off right.


Because sometimes you forget and you smell, okay?

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