By: Michelle

Whether it’s been a long day, week, or even month, sometimes we need to step back from life. It’s important to reflect, collect, and focus. This is when you need to process what you’ve been going through, and listen to what your body is telling you.

New opportunities, tasks, and problems get thrown at you left and right. And yes, unfortunately you have to deal with them, but it’s important that you maintain sanity and self-wellness. We’re all on a fitness and lifestyle journey, and one aspect we often lose sight of is taking proper care of ourselves. If you continue to neglect this care, as we know, issues and emotions will continue to build up. This often leads to a bad mood, mental fog, and overall exhaustion. That is never a fun feeling, nor is it fair to put your body through it!

Self-care can encompass many things. It’s different for everyone. We all deal with life’s stresses in different ways, so it’s important to know what works for you.

Here are some tips on how to ‘treat yo’self’ in a more mindful way, to help deal with all of the craziness around you.

And, before diving into these steps, let it all go. You can’t predict unfortunate incidents and stresses, so have a, “that’s life,” attitude, and grow from it.


Take a couple of deep breaths, and think about what you’ve been through. Unplug form technology for a bit, and take some time for yourself. Meditate. Consider the pros, and the cons of the experience. Reflect to see, is there any way you could have dealt with that situation in a more appropriate manner? Are there any take away lessons to be learned? Usually, there are. And you know what, just because the situation might not have been ideal, or handled in the best way, you can grow and become better for the next time something similar happens! At this point, it’s also important to re-focus on your goals. Think of what you are trying to achieve, why, and track your success! More times than not, you’re probably a little bit closer to your goal then you were so last time. There’s a simple, and easy way to try and boost your mood.


Remember, self-care is NOT a one-time event. You should be aiming to treat and respect yourself on a daily basis. You know why? Because you’re worth it. If you have time in each day, even if it’s just five minutes to have a quick mood boosting dance party in your room, Netflix-ing, taking a nice bath, or watching some funny animal videos on YouTube, do it.


A lot of times, just making it to work in one piece is a small enough win for us to celebrate. You need to fin the good moments in a day, and focus on that. Focusing on the negative is not going to benefit you, nor will it help with your mood.


This is a huge help. Hit the gym and get exercising! Running out our feelings, or lifting some really heavy weights always helps us forget whatever craziness has happened! Exercising, along with a killer playlist are sure to help get out all of these feelings and boost your endorphins. If going for a full on workout isn’t practical for your in that moment, just move. Getting your body going, and moving into a new environment can help clean your head just as well.


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